Managing an organization that serves the needs of many people comes at a cost. Financial contributions are just one way to help us to accomplish our mission of providing a safe place for healing. Another way you can help is providing a service, or providing the tangible things we need to get this very important work done.

  • Are you in real estate and able to support us in finding a home?
  • Are you a contractor that can provide help with our new space?
  • Or, are you a legal expert?
  • Do you have a Masters in social work?
  • Are you an artist who can donate work to sell in support of the Café?
  • Or, can you give us vegetables, or journals, or BINGO prizes?
  • Copy paper, boardgames, art supplies, coffee cups, and yoga mats

Everything given to us means we do not have to expend our limited resources.


Your company may double or triple your gift. These are just some companies that match employee gifts.

  • Starbucks
  • Microsoft
  • OneDigital
  • Batelle

Please contact us at to find out how you, your family, your business, or your community can help meet the needs of our members in recovery.